Why do people sell trading systems?

are most of them scams?

Do most of the people that sell trading systems real traders or do they just sell trading systems and courses, after all if they traded a lot they would make more money trading that selling courses? 

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6 thoughts on “Why do people sell trading systems?”

  1. The key to an effective trading system is back testing which is very expensive. Most trading systems are based on limited back testing – they work in a limited number of situations and therefore are not very effective so selling them is more lucrative then usung them.

  2. EXCELLENT point. One would think they’d be busy making money using their systems rather than extracting fees out of their customers telling them how the system works, right?

  3. Hi Hungton, like a news, trading systems can help a trader especially newbie, to do technical analysis, about stock or currency that they want to trade
    You know, to develop an aplication, someone need a good skills, so other people have to pay them
    some of them is not scam, but usually the price is not cheap, like winning solution for forex system or vantage point for stock that the price is about five thousands of dollar

  4. it makes you wonder – if the system worked, why spend all the time and energy selling it to others instead of using it yourself?

  5. People want to make money, make it fast, and not work very hard. Just like people want to lose weight but don’t want to stop eating twinkies or get regular exercise. Much easier to take a pill for that miracle diet.
    People also think there is some trick that can cut through the complicated investement world and win. There must be some genius that has figured this all out and would be willing to share the secrets with me for a few hundred bucks.

    Sorry charlie – markets do tend to go up over time so you can try to game the process with some software but the real secret is that nobody knows how to consistantly predict which stocks will go up or down.
    Better to spend you time and money to understand how to allocate you assests to a diversified group of investments – If you want to gamble go to Vegas.

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