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Top Dog Trading Video Newsletter

Once you have taken and experienced the trading training from Top Dog Trading, and have seen the results in your own trading performance, you are going to want more to take you to the next level of trader expertise.

top dog trading video newsletter
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This is a great service if you are an active trader and want to watch and hear 1st hand the view of an expert trader on the current market conditions, but you also get so much more:

  • Up to date technical analysis of the current market conditions including major indexes, FOREX, sectors, industries, ETFs and individual stocks.
  • Individual bonus lessons in technical analysis including chart patterns, indicators, market geometry and drawing tools, cycles, momentum, trends, multiple time frames, etc.
  • Special insights and techniques not in any of the Top Dog Courses
  • Live day trading the market as it unfolds bar-by-bar with complete explanation of reasons for entry, placement of stops and trailing stops, and where exits are taken.

You get approx 3 detailed videos per week or 12 per month, this is what you need if you want to activity trade the market and be ready to take advantage of new trading opportunities as the market conditions change.

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