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Special Trading Reports From Top Dog Trading

Top Dog Trading also offers some very interesting, useful and low cost special trading reports in PDF format, in fact they are less than $10 each

Report 1: Trading Tricks

Top Dog Trading Tricks

Professional traders use a lot of tricks in their trading, just like any professional in any trade, thats how they have an edge so they can make consistent money. Would you like to know what some of these trading tricks are?

This report from Top Dog Trading reveals for the 1st time four trading tricks used by professional traders.

If you want to gain a real edge in your trading you need to learn what these tricks are in your technical analysis and apply them in your own trading. You will hearn how to apply these trading tricks to your own charts so that you can trade like a professional.

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Report 2: How To Take Out Stops For Profit

How To Take Our Other People's Stops For Fun and Profit

Do you sometimes feel that the market “knows” exactly where you have placed your stops and you been frustrated by the market taking out your stop, and then turning right around and moving in the direction of your original trade?. The truth is top running is a common technique employed by Floor Traders.

In this Special Report, you’ll discover:

  • How they know where your stops are.
  • The best (really ONLY) place to put your stops.
  • How you can play their game and make money by taking out other people’s stops.
  • What to do when your stops are taken out, and then the market continues in the direction you originally trades.

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Report 3: How To Avoid Choppy Markets

How To Avoid Choppy Markets

One of the biggest secrets in trading, day trading, swing trading and even postion trading, is to know when to avoid choppy markets.

Then fact is there are a lot of random movements in the charts of all markets, this is because a lot of traders are making decisions based on a lot of different parameters.

You want to avoid these times because you will only end up giving back all the profits that you made during the more predictable or trending times.

This special report will teach you everything you need to know about how to avoid choppy markets, and also how to anticipate the start of new trends

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Special Reports Bundle

Get all 3 reports in one low price bundle

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One of the nicest features about all the courses, including all the top dog trading special reports,  is that they sell themselves based on quality and content, not hype and fancy sales pages. All the courses have a 90 days, 100% money back guarantee with no strings attached, you simply love the course or ask for all your money back.

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