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Watch The Forex Guy Make a $7000 Trade with Simple Swing Trading!

In this live trade video, I demonstrate how simple and lucrative swing trading can be.

Swing trading strategies are a much more relaxing way to Forex trading in contrast to those high frequency ‘in-and-out’ systems that will melt your brain.

If you would like to learn more about swing trading, or reading charts using price action – feel free to come and check out some of my tutorials on my site.

Swing Trading Strategies Stocks

Swing trading strategies stocks – an advanced strategy.

Here’s an approach to swing trading that very few people use – thus giving you a competitive edge. Deadly accurate!

Enjoy the video! Leave your questions and comments below!

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Swing Trading Strategies – Best Trend Trading

[UltraVid id=27 ]Here’s a swing trading strategy that’s not used by many people (which can give you edge) but can provide an extremely reliable indication of when the trend will continue to change.

This works equally well for the stock market and futures a E-minis.