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My Thoughts on Forex Trading Contests…

I recently entered a Forex demo trading competition. This video is a recording of my performance and my thoughts about trading contests and if they are worth being part of…

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Rick Reality Extras – $175,000 Loss Lesson From Forex Trading

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This was not to make fun of the Loss but to pass a Loss Lesson on to others that might get tempted to do the same. Forex Trading should be done with a well calculated risk and so although its about R2,4 million loss, this might be the person’s 1% or 5% so i do advice you calculate it on your side not to have any nasty days as this.

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Risk Warning: Please note Forex trading and commodity futures are leveraged products and involve risks. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved in any financial products you decide to invest in – Refer to your broker’s Customer Agreement. Ricky G LeaMu’s. is not an authorized Financial Services Personal, in South Africa. Ricky G LeaMu’s is just a trading individual in South Africa.This social media or social network posts are in no way financial advice in themselves. Each person that takes it as such understands the risks involved. And has done their own study to conclude they can take such executions. Please do trade with full responsibility and accountability at all times

Forex Trading Scalping Price Action Strategies

Forex scalping strategies are popular which are the best scalping techniques and which works and are profitable? This tutorial for beginners explains why scalping currencies in short time frames simply will make money and see you lose. While day trading is popular with a large amount of traders the probability in terms of success is low. If you want to make money at Forex watch this video and find out the best trading techniques to help you trade Forex price action for profit.

Tutorial [Forex Trading] How to backtest a trading strategy

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In this Tutorial i will be showing you how to create and backtest a simple trading strategy. This how to video is based around Forex but the principles in this tutorial can be used across all markets and all time frames. In this tutorial i will be using a double top and double bottom trading strategy as an example, to show you exactly how i backtest all the trading strategies that i use in the markets every day. Backtesting in my opinion is one of the most important parts of trading Forex so knowing how to do it properly will be imperative to the success of any trader that plans create a trading plan based around technical analysis. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please like subscribe and comment if you have any questions or recommendations on my next video!! Thanks!

Forex Market Is Rigged! ONLY Banks & Professionals WIN! The Rest…

The Forex Market is Rigged Only Advanced Traders who have evolved with the times survive, and to do that you have to be armed with your own custom tools that give you an edge the rest of the novice traders and uninformed newbies do not have…. tools like Octave Give you the ultimate advantage as demonstrated over and over again over the past 10 years… be motivate and ready to be better then the rest, apply your self refine your Forex trading craft and your skills we be like the rest of our team….PROFITABLE CONSISTENT!

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Forex Strategie : Les 5 figures graphiques PROFITABLE

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Voici les 5 figures graphiques PROFITABLE sur le forex
Investir sur les marchés boursiers n’a jamais été aussi simple pour les particuliers, qu’ils soient étudiants, chômeurs, travailleurs actifs ou retraités. Un simple accès à internet suffit!
Quand on parle de bourse, la plupart des gens pensent qu’il faut avoir un cerveau d’Einstein, ou encore un énorme capital pour débuter en bourse ! Tout cele est FAUX !

IML Web Analyzer LIVE Forex signals Chart Analyzer Imarketslive s…

DISCLAIMER: Past Results Wont Garauntee Future Gains
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Best Price Action Forex Trading Strategies Tutorial from Nial Ful…

Today I’ve seen a knowledge about price action forex best ever, here Iam also upload in my profile about price action strategy in Forex from Nial Fuller, you can learn more about Nial Fuller in many trader follow his strategies that proved can give you a lot of pips on profit.

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