Forex Trading Psychology using NLP part 1

No matter what Forex trading strategy you use, you will soon experience that the majority of success is all about trading psychology. And the most effective proven way to get results in trading or any other area is to re-program the unconscious sometimes mistakenly called the subconscious. And when it comes to making permanent changes in the unconscious that create automatic success there is nothing more effective than the time-tested methods of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

One of the most famous practitioners of NLP is Anthony Robbins who has helped to transform the lives of many thousands of people around the world. Other good trainers are Michael Stevenson, Tad James, Connirae Andreas and Steve Andreas of NLP Comprehensive.

When traders get started in the business, they believe that their success lies in finding the right Forex trading strategy using technical analysis. Reading the financial markets using various trading strategies such as fibonacci, Elliott Wave Theory, pivot points, Chaos Theory, chart patterns, Dow Jones theory, and these days a host of “new” cutting edge breakthroughs in automated trading systems, algorithmic trading and trading robots.

Some leading experts on trading psychology are Norman Hallet of the Disciplined Trader, Mark Douglas – Trading in the Zone, the Van Tharp Institute, Rob Booker and
If traders would put as much time into personal development and working to transform themselves into persons who are successful instead of constantly looking for new trading strategies and forex trading systems, the results would start happening a lot quicker.

Many top traders who now trade with FXCM, Hotforex, Tallinex, Oanda, and Iron FX know that working on personal development using methods like hypnosis and NLP are the key to success. Many successful traders also recommend practicing meditation, yoga, and martial arts like Taoist Qigong.

Forex Trading Psychology using NLP part 1

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