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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/21/2017 by C…

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Crypto Technical Analysis Chart for 5/21/2017

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Stock Market Technical Analysis June 10 2016

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Why most traders fail?
Success in Commodity trading depends upon how we integrate the great 3M’s Mind, Method, and Money.
Most Commodity Trader concentrates more on the METHOD. They look for foolproof methods, technical tools and more often rely on other service providers to give daily market tips. Mostly commodities trading for them go through trial and error process which can result in considerable loss of both money and time.
The slogan goes like this, when there is Money no Proper METHOD, when there is MEHOD no MONEY, when there is both NO proper MIND SET…
We need to find a balance between all the 3M’s in trading to achieve success.
Successful traders differentiate themselves from others not with a robust trading system but with their mindset.
It is quite natural, initially all traders assume that their mind set is perfect so they pay less attention to that.
Trading in futures market is all about managing our funds properly. Money management plays an important role just because it’s the fuel for both METHOD and MINDSET.
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Technical Indicators – The 3 Different Types

We have previously written about the different types of technical indicators, Lagging, Leading and Confirming but we are still running into traders who have not quite got the hang of it. So we decided to create this video to help those traders understanding the difference indicators and as a result put together the right indicators instead of for example 2 of the same kind.

Lagging indicators are best used as filters and trend determination. Moving Average is the most popular one and is only the one we use the most. The whole point of adding filters is to prevent you from trading noise and what better tool to use than a lagging indicator. Something that smooth price action out.

Leading indicators is used for entries. Examples of these are Stochastic and MACD. Many traders still make the mistake of adding several leading indicators thinking it will give them some sort of edge but we believe that all it does is confusing the trader.

Confirming indicators are used to increase the odds of success by for example using volume to confirm entry signals.

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Forex Trading – 3Sat Doku – Devisenhandel im Millisekundentakt pe…

Eine 3Sat Doku über das Geldmachen vorm heimischen Rechner.

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Best Forex Trading Indicator for MT4 System’s Software

Best Forex Trading Indicator for MT4 Software